Junk Yard Diaries 2019

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Howdy Steemians! Hope all is well in your world, and your weed was a good one. Lot's of changes going on, now with Pal releasing PALnet, we now have many great opportunists to earn more tokens. But I see this as a great opportunity to get more viability. You see, with so much shit being posted to Steem these day's, it is very hard for good content to be found. I imagine most people don't even shuffle through all the crap no more, especially with the great bot GINA on Discord. People, including me, has a certain tag they have GINA setup to ping them to let them know a post is up, then go directly to that post to view. This is great, but there is so much valuable content being over looked. As if all of the shit being posted, clogging up the feed is not bad enough, a lot of this shit is being up voted by the use of bid bots. Now I do not mind the bid bots for use as promotion. But when used to up vote pure shit, it is bad. What is a new Steemian to think when they see shit being up voted to 5-20$ a post, while their hard work they put into their post is getting .25 cents? I don't know, maybe I am looking to much into it. But I do know from experience with the Weedcash Network, there is no buying of votes, and the trending page looks spot on. This is how Steem was mean to be. So with PalNet, I imagine the same thing will take place. Cheers to PAL, the community you built in your Discord is truly something to immolate, and thank you for adding tremendous value to the block chain. I wish you all great success with this new venture.

Jibber Jabbish over..........

Time for the good stuff ;)


After growing for 2 years straight, this is the very last of the Tahoo Og x Og. My very first post on Steem back in July of 2017, was a pic of the same exact cut


Ok, so just to fill you all in. My outdoor grow is basically an over flow area of my indoor cuttings. Since my space is very limited, I have to either gift plants, or throw outside. It is also a grave yard of sorts. When I decide to get rid of a strain, I will always throw the last ones outside. This way I can enjoy one last time. Also it is a great way to pollinate some females, so I can keep the genetics for the future.



Currently all strains in the "Junk Yard", are strains I will no longer grow no more. This is due to me downsizing my inventory indoors. Instead of crowding my small space with multiple strains, I will now try to limit myself to no more then 2.

List of strains being retired

  • Astro Beaver
  • Tahoo Og x Og
  • Peanut Butter Breath


Astro Beaver


Astro Beaver impregnated with Peanut Butter Breath pollen


Astro Beaver impregnated with Dj Short Blueberry

Peanut Butter Breath that was Monster Crop

So that's all for now. If you notice I got some plants in flower. No those are not Auto's. They are photo periods, meaning that they need 12 hours of darkness to go into flower. This is due to me throwing them out early, and the way my apt building blocks the sun. I am now getting the required amount of light to veg a cannabis plant. All plants, except the PBB are being light dep. As soon as I get off work at 6pm, I take the flowering plants, and set them in my closet, so they do not go back into veg stage. I have my alarm set at 6am, get up, and throw the plants outside, then back to bed for me. For my day starts at the crack of 10 am, ;)



Peace, abundance, liberty. I can totally dig that. Much love and respect to all my block chain enthusiasts!


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A man with weed is a friend indeed :)


Hear, hear! lol

Crack of 10 am 😂 that’s me! Love it!


I almost never get up before noon...
Of course, I also tend to stay up late, night owl...

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thanks tommy

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And now Steemengine Ecosystem is filled with so many Tokenised Communities and journey is reflecting so exciting. Stay blessed.

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Great looking post jon!!!

I like your little back yard spot. :-)
That one wye shaped plant in the pink pot looks like you're trying to do bonsai with a cannabis plant. :-)

So jelous you have sun!!

I'm attempting to build a mini hoop house over me gals this year to try the light dep thang, tbd.. I'm also trying new strains, keeping it to 3 this year. Sounds like it will be easier to deal with having less for you, good growing...