Lemoncello by Exotikz in Washington

3년 전


Here's some of the Lemoncello we are working on today. Mighty fine terps being smelled in the air. It has a super citrous scent mixed with a sweetness undertone.

I haven't gotten to taste any of this lot but it definitely looks like it would be perfection.


Thanks for looking!

And to those who are interested in my life. I will be making a post about my mandatory day in jail with other DUI patrons.

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Look Good! Lemon Haze Is one of my staples. Smooth nice tasty smoke. I find it not super powerful, but still kicks and is good when "working". Its highly desired by many.


Lemon Haze has always been one of my favorites in terms of flavor. I usually try to pick up some good terpy concentrates if I see any at a good price


Yep, those lemon terps are one of my favs for sure.

That is some very fine looking flower!!

Holy hell that looks delicious!

Nice looking bud.

Will be curious to see if that is an alcohol related dui


Yeah.. it is :/

I'm trying to decide how I'm going to tell the story. A girl was involved, I went away from my moral compass and went through binge for a bit in May. Now I am where I am.

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