Lodi Dodi Honey Crystal by Oleum Extracts

3년 전


I was surprised how good this strain tastes. To me it has a flavor of melon and mixed berries. I've tried the Lodi Dodi flower before and I wasn't super enthusiastic about the smell of it. However, the concentrate of this has a fruity scent and taste. I mainly bought this because of the way it looked. The sparkle it made in the packaging pretty much made me instantly buy it.


As you can see from the terpene profile, the two main scents in here are the Caryophyllene and Limonene. Limonene is one of the more popular terpenes in strain profiles. Its the second most abundant after myrcene. I wouldn't claim it's the most sought after but it has been found in so many strains we love. If your unsure of what taste it is, it's the citrus or lemon taste that we admire in strains like Super Lemon Haze or Durban Poison.

One cool fact about caryophyllene is it is considered a sesquiterpene. Which means the terpene has a three isoprene units instead of smaller terpenes that have two.


This stuff is truly beautiful. I wish I could make stuff to this quality. I looked up the lineage of the strain on Leafly, but it says the genetic heritage is undefined and closely gaurded by The Clone Zone out of Washington State. It's said to be a state favorite but I'm not sure where they got that information.


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