Mindscape Live Terp Resin by Oleum Extracts WA

3년 전


Mindscape has a heavy skunk and diesel taste that leans more on the skunk side for me. This was a definite sit down mode after a dab or two of this each time that smoked this. Oleum's products have been in the 40 dollar range in the store I usually pick up from so it's hard to say no.

This run of their lives resin hit 8.8% for total terpenes. I added the profile at the bottom.




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WOW to that first pic! That's some delicious, terpy-looking budder. Great shot, too!

Gotta love those hybrids!! A mix of head and body sensations. Do you use a pen, a banger, or a nectar collector to get where you are going?


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At the moment I'm using a cheap insulated quartz banger and a small beaker rig. I fell in love with lower temp dabs