Purple Punch Live Resin 82.2% by Cold Smoke Concentrates, Washington USA

2년 전


This was truly some quality extract to smoke. From time to time I try to branch out from buying too much from the same brand. It can be a gamble sometimes when you want to find the quality stuff for cheap. I'm happy to say that isn't the case with anything from Cold Smoke.


Their Purple Punch Live Resin had that staple grape and tang flavor. The consistency of the product was amazing in my opinion, it was similar to stirring apple sauce when you scoop it on your tool. I was happy to see a couple THCA crystals in there too. I provided the terp profile below if you're interested in that info.



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Looks like its goig to be delicious. A lot of packaging but eh, that's dank looking product inside.


Thanks man they have some wonderful stuff. Yeah the packaging can be a bit much. Oregon weighs out in front of you still but Washington has a weird law that requires packaging as a layer protecting children and proof of not consuming while driving. So if you get pulled over, police can't ticket you


Same here in Alberta with the packaging and seal required to protect children. But we have the rediculous Dragger 50p Drug Screen although it's kinda a joke seeing as it's not based in real science and doesnt work under 5°C.


Damn that's harsh. I just googled what that is. We don't have any field tests for marijuana that I'm aware of in WA. We have a breathalyzer for alcohol or blood tests for screening if needed. I think the legal limit for thc in blood is 5ug of active thc

That's really cool they show you the terp profile on the bottom.