Canadian Cancer Society Funds Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Human Clinical Trials After Leaving Patients to Die during Pandemic

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Hundreds of studies have been published since 1975 showing that cannabis cures cancer. These studies corroborate people's anecdotal evidence that many common types of cancer are almost guaranteed curable with a short dose of cannabis oil. Even cancers which have been deemed incurable after years of treatment have been put into remission with several grams of oil over the course of a few weeks. It reduces the amount of harmful chemoradiation needed to cure a cancer, therefore reducing the likelihood of relapse.

"Clinical trials are research studies that test new ways to prevent, detect, treat or manage cancer or other diseases. Most research starts in a lab. The next step may involve animals, such as mice. If the results still look promising, then a clinical trial with people can begin." - Canadian Cancer Society 2020

Approved cancer drugs must first pass human clinical trials:
Phase one: determines dosing and safety of a drug
Phase two: assesses side effects and drug efficacy
Phase three: compares a promising new treatment to the standard treatment

Cannabis has already been proven safe in human clinical trials for palliative care, but the cancer corporations won't admit cannabis cures cancer until it's proven by clinical trials for which they withhold funding! This isn't for a rare disease either; this is for cancer which will kill 1/4 of North Americans.


Yet, we have this virus that appeared this year whose mortality rate for seniors is moderate and insignificant for youth and adults, and we're already rushing to human clinical trials. And the Canadian Cancer Society who basically left cancer patients to die during the COVID pandemic, now they want a piece of the pie with the COVID vaccine.

Paranoid "Conspiracy Theorists" have been warning about it for years now, and here we are rushing into human clinical trials for a vaccine:

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Run for the Cure | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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