Cannabis use in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

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Contrary to common belief, there is no causal link between cannabis use in pregnancy and adverse gestational effects or impaired fetal development. Some poorly designed correlational studies will find the association between cannabis use and preterm birth, or babies being born small for gestational age; however, animal studies show contrary evidence.

Source: The Society of OBGYNs of Canada

Beware of government literature/propaganda that states a huge list of “may cause” or “can cause” without properly backing it up, because these are weasel words, stating claims because there isn’t a body of evidence to say otherwise. If a reference list is even given for a website or infographic, follow the sources because they will often be outdated, irrelevant, or bad science (poorly designed correlational studies with biased assumptions confounded with other substance use and socioeconomic factors).


The endocannabinoid system aids pregnancy, starting at fertility and conception. Cannabis crosses the placenta and is present in breast milk in in small quantities, much of which isn’t metabolized by the fetus.

These cannabinoids mimic endocannabinoids already present in the mother’s breast milk, ready to interact with the baby’s endocannabinoid system, which is necessary for feeding, bonding, etc. Prenatal cannabis exposure has not been linked to cognitive delays. Some evidence even shows it may enhance early motor development when used in late gestational period.


Omega 3 fatty acids also aid in conception and help prevent miscarriage, preterm birth, and low birth weight.

These fatty acids are broken down into EPA, DHA, and ALA.
They are precursors to endocannabinoid synthesis and therefore fetal brain development. They enhance retinal & optical function , and neurodevelopment, especially that which relates to

Omega 3s also prevent problems in pregnancy such as gestational diabetes, postpartum depression, preeclampsia, and fetal growth restriction. This is all regulated by the endocannabinoid system.


Very little well-controlled research about cannabis and pregnancy has been done in humans. A 1994 Jamaican study found that 1-month old infants of mothers who were heavy cannabis users “had better scores on autonomic stability, quality of alertness, irritability, and self-regulation”.

Breastfeeding mom_unicef.jpg

A longitudinal Jamaican study in 1991 also found that one-month olds of cannabis-using mothers “had more favourable scores on two clusters of the Brazelton Scales: autonomic stability and reflexes". At 4 or 5 years of age, development was highly correlated with aspects of home environment and attendance of preschool rather than pre or postnatal cannabis exposure.


Through regulation of blood glucose and pressure, cannabis can help prevent nausea/vomiting and gestational diseases like high blood pressure leading to preeclampsia or diabetes, all which can cause abnormal birth weight, preterm birth, and complications to mother and child. So, advocating a zero-cannabis-in-pregnancy rule, based on assumptions without evidence, is unscientific and irresponsible, especially to mothers who use cannabis medicinally. Pregnant women who use medicinal cannabis should do their own research and consult Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists.

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This is a great writeup @MediKatie!
In your research, what routes, strains, or even specific cannabinoids are best in pregnancy and breastfeeding?


yeah!! thank you, @MediKatie! <3
I've upvoted this post, and resteemed it to my hemploving followers!!


CBD lowers blood pressure, and THCV and CBD are scientifically proven to control insulin and glucose homeostasis. Those two are probably the best for gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.


Oooh, nice. So then, some good full spectrum oil for edibles and dabbing? :)


no wonder we enjoy that stuff so much!
cannabinoids are medicine and health and fun and love all at once <3

We don't know the effects of cannabis in pregnancy (because we don't want to know). And since we don't know (and never intend to know), and since we compare it to alcohol and street drugs, there's no known safe amount? What's next, saying that there's a fetal cannabis disorder just like fetal alcohol? Sounds like unfalsifiable fearmongering!


Don't joke! Now that animal studies have disproven things like cannabis causing preterm birth, low birth weight and other classic worries, researchers are trying to push the idea of "soft" neurological defecits. Talk about unfalsifiable: such defecits are supposedly only detectable later in life, and even if we could run the longitudinal study, the data would be confounded with so many pre and post natal factors.

Israeli researchers are trying to publish the idea of a fetal cannabis spectrum disorder. It's too bad that the full study isn't available, especially when the abstract makes such big claims without going into the methodology at all.

A wealth of information, nicely-presented and sourced, from a logical and reasonable perspective. Resteemed to our followers.
Non-smoked cannabis is likely best, but it's fitting/telling that even cannabis smoke isn't as harmful to pregnant women and babies as alcohol or cigarettes.

This is such a great collection of real knowledge about a topic almost completely obscured in rhetoric, misinformation, emotional appeals, and outright lies.

Upvoted, and resteemed! I hope a big curator sees this post because it's the definition of high quality original content on an important topic.


Thanks @Drutter! It was quite the project even considering the lack of good info...or maybe that made it harder, not sure, haha. I was almost done until I found the OBGYN of Canada website, oh what a joy. #reefermadness

Only a fool would use cannabis during pregnancy. There is just too little known about the effects. There needs to be a lot more research.


@d0zer, you obviously haven't even read the research that's out there, even when it's presented in a reader's digest format with links embedded. You refuse to learn; you plug your ears and close your eyes and parrot modern reefer madness rhetroric without doing any research yourself. Your remarks are cliches used by people who want to minimize research and stop progress...the point where we have enough research will be just forever out of grasp.


Look, I work in the medical sector. In a pharmacy. So I’m quite up to date. Yes there are positive effects using cannabis. No question on that. I’m pro for use under doctors prescription. But there are also serious negative effects.
For every positive research on cannabis, there are 10 studies that deny this. Thats why it is too soon to tell people its safe to use cannabis.

How do you think people will react on this? Some pregnant women will start smoking it. SMOKING!

It takes many many years of research to fully understand the effects of cannabis.


Working as a pharmacy tech doesn't make you a medical professional or up to date on the scientific literature. It's obvious by the way you talk about it that you aren't. "For every positive research on cannabis, there are 10 studies to deny this" is such an oversimplistic layperson view, for starters and then you just get hysterical.


@d0zer, that sounds like a stock comment that will be forever copy-pasted by other stock characters no matter how advanced the research gets. You can keep saying "too little known" until there's lots of good research out there, and you haven't read it, and you are the only one left who knows too little. Why the strong caution if little is known? Where do these assumptions come from if so little is known? We're obviously barkin' up the wrong tree here. Your profile name rings true but your icon should be goofy instead of pluto ;)


I like pluto more. :)

Umm very interesting the things we are learn hey 💯🐒


Thanks @vibesof100monkeys! Yes, interesting what we can learn if we read, try, etc, haha. Nice name by the way :)


Thanks and yes the it so much out here that is hidden because people only read the mainstream BS 💯🐒