Dabs on the Beach to end the Global Marijuana March!

5개월 전

After the Global Marijuana March 2019 in Vancouver on Saturday May 4th, we marched from the Art Gallery, through the downtown streets, and ended up at English Bay Beach for speechs, market, and dabs on the beach!


MediKatie for Girls of Green


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Same here.... every day! Then big organic kief joints every night :D


Stick to dabs! People are more tolerant on the beach of vapour than smoke. Although in Vancouver, either will get you a ticket. :/
Dabs away!! :D

Totallly jealous! looks amazing, great weather for it too.
everybody get out to the GMM in 2020!


Nice photo, love the background.... do they even know what's going on, or care? heheh
Spring has finally come to Vancouver! :)


no where still here, just trying to get that perfect beach body for summer time ;)


Bahahaha, comedy in the comment section - I love it! :D
When the USA buys Canada, we can ignore the borders, and have big North American Union meetups and smokeouts for Steemians!
(Hopefully the real future is even better than that. Either way, we will someday do big dab sessions on the beach!)

Ok I got an idea! Guys of canna, The girls of green, go to the beach a dab it up!