How 5G can help you use less cannabis!


A recent study says young adults will engage with a smartphone app... to moderate their cannabis use. Intervention content and exercises intend to promote reductions in cannabis use.

Smartphone zombie.jpg

Great, just what young adults need: more normalization of a behaviourally addictive device. They need more screen time, more desensitization to human interaction, more cultural programming, and more stimulation designed for 30-second attention spans which accomplish no actual work like writing, research, and creation. Yes, they need to spend less time smoking weed where they will turn inwards and be creative and introspective.

Smartphone zombie 2.jpg

Because it would be such a shame is young people wasted their lives using cannabis when they could be working more, harder, and an age when machines will take over all human jobs that aren't pure creative expression. I wish more people could see how degrading smartphones are to our individual selves and to our culture en mass.


All privacy issues aside, don't you notice how antisocial and dumbed-down they've made us all. Trying to hang out with people and feel like genuine humans is getting so hard. Everybody has one and they're using them all the time. Everybody feels like an old friend who has changed so much you can't relate to them anymore.

Just some thoughts....

Remember when we used to say remember when? Those were the good times!

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Remember when coke was a coke, and crack was what your where doing when you where cracking jokes.....


Haha I remember when people used to say say no to crack if yours was you know...peekin' out lol.


Totally! Remember when the average bum or homeless person was just a drunkard with his life on his back, and now bums are tweaked out, scabby meth head street people who wander around with shopping carts and suitcases overstuffed with stolen junk.


Mmhmm! And with the opioid crisis, pressure of Western society and lack of love and family support in the world, there's an epidemic of these kind of people in any urban area with enough services.