Making Infused Popcorn!

2개월 전

We whipped up a delicious batch of medicated canna-corn!

popcorn 1.JPG

It's a tasty, easy way to make edibles out of infused coconut oil, aka cannabudder.

popcorn 2.JPG

First, melt your cannabudder in a pan on the stove.

popcorn 4.JPG

Add your corn for popping, and optional sugar if you wana make candycannacorn.

popcorn 3.JPG

Serve and enjoy!

popcorn 6.JPG

For double infusion and deliciousness, drizzle more oil on top at the end ;)

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That looks pretty chronic, @MediKatie! yummmmm.
Anyone got a link for how to make the infused coconut oil?

yummm great pics!! makes me want some now ;)
upvoted, thanks for posting.


Do it (make it)!
It's actually easier than you think, and you probably have all the ingredients already (if you have cannabis or cannabis extract).


k i will.
as soon as I have good bud back in the house. ;D <3

This is great!
There are many different extracts we could use to infuse popcorn this way. Very easy for anyone to make edibles :)


Glad you liked it. You're right, shatter or distillate or budder could be used, also.
And more!


The actual product wasn't that green, was it? heheh
Makes for good clickbait though!


A friend of ours has even made it with bubble hash if you can believe that.
Essentially (pun intended) you can infuse anything that contains some sort of fat.


Slow down, buddy! that's heavily infused!!
Thanks for the recipe @MediKatie.

sounds amazing


It was a little bit crunchy from the sugar, and oily from the coconut oil, and dank from the weed.... and a little salt on top made it the perfect chronic treat ;D

How many miligrams would you estimate that bowl to be? This looks amazing, my next batch will be made with coconut oil, and I love popcorn, cant wait to do this.