Recent study finds CBD increases survival time in brain tumor patients


Cannabinoid therapy, especially in conjunction with other therapy is proven to at least increase survival time in glioma(blastoma) patients. When I was in the hospital, I met a ten-month old boy with a glioma (brain tumor) the size of a tennis ball. He's currently taking chemo and stem cell therapy, but he's not doing to well, and the only other option is raditaion, but radiation before age five will cause certain, permanent brain damage.

If you think cannabis can cause more damage than that, then you're brain-damaged. Before I left, I gave the boy's mom some info about gliomas and cannabinoids, and how to do more research. You don't have to say much - with the internet at people's fingertips and desperation in their hearts, one tiny lead can make all the difference in the world. The only thing stopping the medicine connection at that point is either inaccessibility of cannabis or heavy brainwashing from the system.


I also met a teenager with a brain tumor who I didn't tell about cannabis because I was afraid it could jeopardize my accomodation there by talking about it. The teenage girl is also playing the "wait and see" game of how long radiation can be delayed. I found out they live in the same city as me now, so I hope I see them again soon. I run into people in Vancouver and it's huge, so hopefully it's even easier to run into them in a smaller city.

I'm so disgusted by legalisation, because these people are staying in Vancouver while their children receive cancer "treatment". It used to be a place where there was a dispensary every city block, and now I don't know where to tell them where to get it; my only advice was to keep it organic from a trusted source. This 2019 study is a good example of recent research, but suggesting CBD only is highly political in most cases (only some cancers respond to just CBD), so I remembered to suggest full-spectrum oil, dominant in CBD or THC if needed, but still full spectrum.


Most cancers respond to THC, or THC and CBD combined with all the other trace cannabinoids. Another issue with this study, is people should be taking 4 grams of cannabis oil daily, not 400mg of CBD oil. But at least the study is recent and continuing the trend that cannabinoid therapy at least extends survival time - in one of the most aggressive cancers that exists. I hope that cannabinoid therapy can at least delay and reduce the amount of radiation needed to cure the cancer, so these kids and their families can have the best chance possible.

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MediKatie, thank you so much for doing what you could for a child that needed help. Hopefully the parents are receptive to the truth, do the research, and save their child's life! Congratulations on stepping outside your comfort zone, and even risking your housing situation, to help someone else. You're a true hero.


Thanks for resteeming this.... we have done the same.
Excellent info here. Thank you for advocating for cannabis with intelligence and logic.

We hope that teenage girl becomes a @GirlsofGreen ASAP, but all for health's sake, not for show. And the boys as well - Guys and Girls of Green needs no age limits or other restrictions, especially when it comes to serious conditions like cancer and epilepsy! Best of luck to them and their families.

Excellent article! I agree that we really don't fully understand the effects of Cannabis on the human body and more research needs to be done as well as more work to bring awareness to the data that is out there.

I gave you a max up-vote from our new VIPservice account, as part of the @Canna-Collective.


Thanks, @vipservice! My research doesn't get much light, I'm glad you appreciate it. Thanks for the upvote :)

Thank you for writing about this. It was a tough emotional situation to be in, while you and I were both going through our own stressful time (high-risk pregnancy and emergency surgery).

At the place we stayed, there were hundreds of seriously ill children from all over BC. It was wonderful to have that resource, somewhere safe that families of sick kids can stay while treatment is ongoing. It makes a hard time just a little less rough.


Almost half of the kids there - from teens down to toddlers - had smooth bald heads (from radiation therapy). Most families there were regular meat-eaters, bacon and sausages were provided free staples for all sick kids and their family members, and processed food like Ramen or Kraft Dinner was available in between. I saw a lot of obese mothers and fathers, and noticed quite a few cigarette smokers as well. The focus isn't on avoiding known carcinogens (like grilled meat products), but on attending doctor visits and receiving radiation and chemotherapy. To me, the place we stayed seems to be enabling the medical system to keep people sick, like it's an industry. Not about healing and recovery, but about treatment and medication.

And specifically no mention that cannabinoids destroy cancer. In fact, there is a strict prohibition against "marijuana" anywhere in the area, including edible and vapourized (smokeless) forms. Since cannabinoids cause no scientifically-demonstrated harm to children or the developing fetus, why the prohibition? What's even weirder is cannabis was supposed legalized in Canada in 2018, so people are using it while walking down the street, but medically it continues to be treated like a dangerous substance with no therapeutic value. It is as though the very cure for these childrens' illnesses is being actively kept far away from them, by society.


Mainly, it's ignorance. A lot of those parents simply don't know they're withholding the cure for almost all types of cancer (even the types radiation can't fix). Their meat-based processed diets, encouraged by the mainstream (and even the medical community) are keeping them ill, and prohibition against cannabis is killing many of them off. It's really, really disturbing when you know the full truth of the situation.

So yes, it's mainly ignorance keeping this nightmare going - keeping children sick, keeping families broken, and keeping the healthcare system ineffective.

It was really frustrating to have to bite my tongue on a regular basis while staying around those sick kids. I met some parents who I wished I could have told the truth about cannabis, but as you mentioned, that could have resulted in us being kicked out of the program! The anti-cannabis stance is exceedingly clear.

Besides, even if we could tell hundreds of sick kids' parents the truth, how many would bother to investigate it? And how many of those would be able to overcome the generations of brainwashing from the mainstream and big pharmaceutical companies, telling them cannabis causes cancer?

Still, I'm so happy you DID tell at least one mother that cannabis oil is a safe and effective way to save her child's life. It sounds like she received the information well, and is going to look into it. When she does, she'll find THC and other cannabinoids can and will remove the cancerous tissues from her child, something surgery and thousands of pills and devastating radiation can't do. She's literally burning and drugging her child to death, while a safe plant-based cure is available. Hearing that truth from a stranger might be hard for some parents to take, but it is absolutely the truth, backed up by nearly every research center and university in the world.

Cannabis cures cancer, almost all types, even end-stage cancers nothing else can touch. It does little-to-no harm to the body or brain, and certainly far less than the currently accepted mainstream protocols, which together are a TRILLION dollar a year industry.

I'm proud of you for standing against that, at great peril to yourself, to potentially save one innocent child from the same cancer that almost killed you and left you crippled. I hope that mother takes action before it's too late.