Your risk of dying from cancer is 47% higher than COVID!

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That number is rising because of government propaganda and shut downs of medical services. The mortatlity rate of coronavirus for people under 60 is estimated at 1-3%. This number grows with age, so the risk of children or infants dying of coronavirus is essentially zero. The average person is much more likely to die of heart disease or cancer, conditions for which treatment is being cancelled because we can't overwhelm the healthcare system, as the mantra by which the government got their foot in the door goes.

"The disruption of cancer care due to COVID-19 has triggered another public health crisis."

According to 2015 estimates by the Canadian Cancer Society, half of Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime, and half of those will die from it. 25% of the Canadian population is estimated to die from cancer.

To assess the extent to which COVID-19 has disrupted cancer care in Canada, a nation-wide survey was conducted by the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) involving 960 cancer patients, 206 caregivers of cancer patients and 77 patients in cancer pre-diagnosis) from May 22 to June 10, 2020.

54% patients report having a diagnosis, test results or treatment postponed or cancelled, even after "re-opening" in Canada. Patients most affected by lack of medical services were recently-diagnosed patients and those still awaiting diagnosis.

Three-quarters of patients surveyed say that delays in appointments and treatment had a major impact on their mental health. They're particularly concerned about in-person care, including treatment and emergency room visits, as many patients can only see their doctor "virtually". This has immense privacy concerns and is impractical for physical assessment.

Social Justice Warriors who virtue signal how subservient they are to government in order to protect everyone from the coronavirus are full of shit. The whole "we're in this together" sharade is really about getting less punishment for yourself by virtue signalling how well you follow the rules. Either that or you really believe this pandemic is completely natural and that the government knows and acts in your best interest regarding it. The former is worse than the latter, because the latter is pure ignorance, but the former is cowardice.

Anyone who follows this channel knows I don't advocate for mainstream cancer treatment. But where are all the virtue signallers now who were so worried that if people even knew that cannabis was a treatment option for cancer that knowledge was harmful because it may cause them to abandon mainstream treatment and die? I bet you those are the same people who advocate for government shut downs.

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