Repotting of Blueberry Cheese! Nice Soil :)


Good soil and full days of sunshine!


I had to get some soil now that the criminal shop there has some good soil. They seemed top seel really bad one in april, a better on in june, and a really good one now in july, which I think is a con. Now I got soil with a good content of Nitrogen init, and also we have sunshine and hot weather now too.

Time to repot a plant! I had to firstly do the Blueberry cheese, it was in a 10 liter bucket and now has a new home in a small shopping basket. I had covered the soil up to shade ity from the sun, and found this little toad inside..


I took him to the stream and he is still in the same place hiding in the water.


I have here above terrible soil that was cheap, then soil from a cow field, and now super stinky soil that's I think will be very good - it stinks like manure.
I'm not exactly sure what it is because I cant read it and didn't yet translate it. I think I made a mistake to use that soil for the clones that now have roots. I want to try areoponics out but I either need another lamp or I need to wait until the autos are done so i have the space.


You see to the right I have the new plant pot for the Blueberry Cheese, I mad mix of the super stinky soil and 25% of the shitty soil in the green sack, and added the last of the worn shit soil and mixed it up whilst adding a few hand fulls of clay balls as I have no Perlite. The bottom of the basket has clayballs about an inch deep.


I reused the soil sack, and made a lining around the top part of the basket so the water in the future wont just run out the square holes of the basket, and there's the Blueberry Cheese in its small bucket.


New Home!!


She will Fucking Love that



Soon I will do the others too. Its dawning on me that I do need another lamp or it wont work out hahahha! Hmm..

A small harvest..

I think it was a moby dick, was ready, it seemed to be the only one ready on time! Here it is dry :)


I started clones but they are nearly failing, I had no real rooting hormone but although they are still alive, it seems i might have to do another round because the autos are taking forever because they seem to have another 2 weeks to go at least.

I took them to someones place and it would be hard to get them back here, so I think I should leave them to finish indoors. Decisions , decisions!

Bring on the SUN!

Big Love,



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