Making Bubble Hash Round Two - Quebec Kush Double Filtered

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Last month I made bubble hash with Headband 707 cannabis and micron filter bags. Last week was round 2 of the bubble hash making, I made a double batch of Quebec Kush bubble hash - twice as nice.

Micron Filter Bags

These micro filter bags work well for the gravity fed, cold filtration of cannabis, herbs, and other materials. The bags are stacked into and line the inside of a bucket with the coarsest filter at the top and the finest at the bottom - the bucket has a hole in the bottom for filtered water drainage. Cannabis material that has been grinded, chilled, and mixed with ice water gets poured into the top filter bag in the bucket, the water and finer grades of material filter through and are collected in the various grade filters.


Micron Filter Sizes

The blue filter bag is the coarsest at 220 sized micron filter holes, red is a 160 micron filter bag, the orange filter is 120 microns, the yellow is 73 microns, purple is the finest filter at 25 microns - 25 microns is too small for cannabis trichomes to pass through.


Quebec Kush buds

Buddy gave me some porch grown Quebec Kush buds last summer, It was hard to trim the small leaves off of this jar of small buds - perfect candidate for bubble hash making, leaves, stems, and other trimmings work well too. They have a slightly sativa, decently cushioned daytime buzz with a sweet fruity and minty pine diesel zest flavor - the hash captures the effects and flavors with that concentrated terpenes and THC extra zing.


Mixing Bucket filled with Ice, Grinded Buds then water added.


Mixed and let Rest for 30 Minutes, poured into stacked filter bags. Water was added and filtered through until the ice was all melted, the remaining liquid was squeezed out of the top bag, the contents were saved for a second mixing and filter round.


Each bag is drained through the filter, down into the other bags until all that's left is collected with a spoon. The finer the filter, the higher quality of hash.


Bubble Hash Collection

Each grade of hash from each drained filter bag was spooned onto 25 micron filter sheet that is folded over and sandwiched with paper towels to squeeze and press the remaining water out of the collected bubble hash.


Double Bubble

After adding more water and re-mixing the cannabis material from the first filter bag run, I ran it through the filter bags again - I was amazed to collect even more then from the first run, definitely worth it to run the material through two times.


Drying and Storage

The newly collected Quebec Kush bubble hash is left unwrapped and exposed to the open air for a few days for the remaining moisture to evaporate out of the bubble hash. The hash will darken to a dark brown or black - this is necessary to prevent the hash from molding. After the hash is fully dry it gets wrapped up and labeled, stored away in a cool dark place for later enjoyment.

Know your Local Laws, Contact a Doctor for Medical Advise.



Have you made hash or other concentrates ?

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I would love to make some bubble hash one of these days. Going to bookmark this for future reference.


It's a lot of fun, and especially useful if you have trimmings, it's like panning for trichome gold :) the bags were $40 bucks or so on Amazon in Canada, so maybe $30 in the USA.

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