Using alcohol foliar spray as a natural pesticide/insecticide/miticide

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Did you know that alcohol can be used in the garden against pests as a foliar spray? You can't use it on flowering plants since it can dissolve thc and make the flowers less potent (depending on the strength of your solution). But it works great up until first weeks of flower.

Types of alcohol:
ethanol: This is consumable alcohol for us humans but plants don't like it. Even small quantities could kill a plant when it's fed by watering the roots. Ethanol can kill many pests on contact. When sprayed on the leaves it does evaporate pretty quick. Because of it's high price (because of taxes) this is not often used as pesticide. It can burn your leaves when the spray solution is to strong. Max 50/50 ethanol/water is advised.

methanol: Methanol is very toxic to humans, particular to the eyes. (Can make you blind.) (Cannabis) plants don't mind it, they even like it. Some scientific studies do suggest so but it's debatable. I do find it hard to find in pure form.

alcohol : Somewhat similar to ethanol but cheaper. Sold under the name "rubbing alcohol": Mix it 50/50 with water and spray on leaves. It will kill most pests including aphids, white flies, broad mites, russet mites, cyclamen mites, thrips, spider mite, ... Can be sprayed once a week as preventative.

Don't buy denatured alcohol, it contains toxic added chemicals that will stunt your plants.

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Oh thats cool! I love learning new things like this. I'll try to use these methods this year in my outdoor garden.

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