Did the Bitconnect Exit Scam crash the markets?

4년 전


Lets be real, a lot of crypto investers were tied into the Bitconnect ponzi. With it's exit brings a wave of uncertainty, fear, and even loss for a lot who were invested in the bitconnect platform. A lot of people saw this coming, and it's probably good that it happened now rather than later. I suspect Tether will be the next ponzi to meet this fate.

I think this will happen to all scam coins in general. I think we could even see Ethereum and Ripple meet a similar fate. I've had some new crypto folks mock me for being a bitcoiner, but as we see, bitcoin pain causes pain to all coins.

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I got burnt by BitConnect fml, but i stocked up on the token as of right now i'm in profit but feel like selling and holding BTC.


Yeah, I hope it wasn't for much bro!

So much dumb money poured into the markets in December and January. Today we crashed below the total market cap at the start of December, essentially wiping out all the new/dumb money that came in. With the weak hands gone we can make new highs within a few months I believe.


I think so

What are your thoughts on hashflare? Kind of gives me the same vibes as the bitconnect scam.


Genesis Mining has been good for me


They seem to be the most legit one i've looked into. Contracts are always sold out though. But at least they aren't selling more contracts than they can mine. Hope it continues to be profitable for you.


I'm in it, only for $150 to test it out. I think those mining sites and lending coins are all ponzis, but there is money to be made when you get the timing right. I always throw a little in to test it!


Good way to deal with it. Get some bitcoin and get out. Lol

Bitcoin will rise over a million soon. Upvoted. Resteemed.


I think it will eventually but not sure how soon

Some thoughts to ponder over a pipe.

It would of certainly helped lol