My Other Ride Is A Custom Board

2년 전

Longing for warmer days and totally missing the Summer months, I bought a gently used skateboard at an auction for $5 Canadian dollars.

(Not much money. “How bad could it be?”, I thought.)

See What I See. Here’s what it looked like:


Notice the wheels, trucks and snake with skulls in the graphics ...


Here’s what the top of the deck looked like:


Stripped down.




Sanded some more.




Trucks polished.


New orange wheels.


New (special order) grip tape.

All together:




A sophisticated ride. Ready to roll?

(I know. I’m stacking stereotypes. I’m a masseuse who is almost Vegetarian, grows cannabis, loves concentrate, throws axes and knives, is heavily into crypto and now skating.)


~ Rebecca

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The snake teeth and venom fluid with the skull graphics and top is very plain. Some vegetables and leaf like cannabis are also there. My nephew buy a skate board few days ago, on board name ninja!

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Hi @shiekh27! I wish your nephew good luck when he rides his ninja board. ;)

Very good looking deck!


Hahaha! That was worth $5 any day of the week!

The moment Rebecca realized that she was going to be chatting about good looking decks all night long.

I love it! It remains me of my very first...and only board. I can't remember exactly how old I was, maybe 12? I think my trucks were higher than yours which affects everything in general as I'm sure you know.

I had practiced regularly on my parents carport which was a very smooth concrete surface. After a week of practice, I went to a friend's house to skate in his neighborhood. Come to find out, his neighborhood consisted of a steep, downhill country road made from asphalt. Needless to say that I was scared shitless. But I wasn't going to puss out.

My friend takes off first and he makes it look easy. I couldn't believe how fast he was going. I finally get the courage up and take off. I started out bad and things just got worse. As I was picking up speed, the front wheels started to wobble. I don't think that I have to tell you what happened next.

That was the end of my skateboard career.


Well, @bluelightbandit, you see it’s like this...
This is a new hobby for me. My parents would never let me skateboard because they had spent a small fortune on my teeth and they were convinced I would really hurt myself. So it wasn’t until I was in my late 30’s that I took up snowboarding (which is similar) and then in my early 40’s I bought a Fire Wheel but that thing was super dangerous and I sold it.

Hello @rebeccaryan.
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By the way, deck looks solid and for only 5$?Wuuut?
Love the MOB 420 griptape.
Can't wait to see you riding that baby.


Thanks so much for the vote of confidence @steemskate!
Going to try not to bang myself up too badly on my “new to me” board. Lol! No worries, I‘ve got some potent medicine at the ready, if I do. ;)

welcom my dear