Finally the trimming is done!

2년 전

It's been a few weeks since my last post. This is my first post since HF20 in fact. I've been busy trimming and checking off items on the wife's "honey-do" list. I figured I should post the results of my harvest now that the trimming is done. No weights were taken and I have given away a few 1/2 gallon jars to relatives since harvest so this isn't even an accurate representation of how much I got this year. Compared to last season (my first, in this climate) it's a huge improvement. I didn't do a super fine job trimming either but I have enough for personal use throughout the year and that's all I care about.

Let's start with Oregon Berry:








And finally Obama:




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Excellent! Nicely grown, glad you got enough to last you. Keep up the great work.


Thanks, bro. I am grateful for the way things turned out this year and I like to spread the wealth. Cannabis in Oregon is finally nearly free, exactly the way a gift from God should be. Best wishes to you and @MediKatie!


It's amazing and wonderful that the price is returning to nearly free, as all natural food and medicine is. All it takes is the labour and love of growing it, but for us gardeners, that's what we want to be doing anyway.


Absolutely. Even if it were literally free, I would still grow my own. I just need to be involved in the process.

Lookin' good! I am still neck deep in trimming myself :) When I was a kid I remember thinking trimming marijuana would be such an awesome job. Little did I know LOL


Yep, the grass is always greener until you're neck deep in it. LOL. Fortunately, mine is the only standard I have to meet so I didn't have to be too meticulous while trimming. I have to say if being neck deep in herb is our biggest problem, then we've got great problems!

Very impressive. Can't wait to come over and smoke it with you :-)


You are always welcome cutie.

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