Getting ready for next grow.

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Ordered a Bruce Banner for myself as a Birthday gift.
They give you a free seed with every order so I picked the White Widow. I was initially drawn to them as they have a pretty nice site search and carry a lot of great seed banks.

I’m looking for a couple great tasting strains to grow as well, Any suggestions on favourite strains would be appreciated.

I just got standard delivery within Canada , if your ordering outside I might consider the stealth delivery option and grab a mug or t-shirt. Referral code if you’re planning on ordering.



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It's a great idea to buy seeds from the black market right now! Good call. Pretty soon they'll be very hard or impossible to get, and you'll have to buy the Monsanto frankenseeds from the government.
Save those real genetics!!


I’m not against getting them from the Ontario Cannabis Store ....But they have 1-2 strains that have been sold out for weeks :/
They also have Sensi Seeds from Europe I’ve always wanted to try the Skunk #1. They don’t ship to Canada so it was one site I found that also carried tons of seed banks.


I have a few seeds of a couple great skunk genetics. Maybe that's what my next crop should be? Thanks for the idea.
I may have some seeds I can send you. I'd rather help you out if I can, rather than you buy 'ontario cannabis store' junk. What do they charge? Probably too much. And shipping, I imagine? Legalization suuucks. We wanted it decriminalized!


No arguments here...They messed up the rollout. They’re charging $60 for 4 fem seeds on the ocs site. Only had 2 strains when I looked and have been sold out since day one...It’s a joke. I only found out because I read an article about how they finally had seeds and were sold out by the second day.


Yikes, $60 for 4 is horrible. I guess you're paying for the paperwork that comes along with them, certifying it as legal weed. I wish they had just decriminalized and then nobody would need paperwork for plants :(

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