What’s your favorite tasting strain ?

2년 전

Hi all!

I never used to really care about the strain.
With legalization and the amount of selection, I’ve stated to keep a little tab of great tasting strains I’ve come across.

What I like and what I don’t.

I discovered I really hate Lemon Diesel 😂

So here’s a quick top 10 list :

1 Brandywine
2 Wedding Cake
3 Grapefruit
4 Super Daves Cookies
5 Purple Skunk
6 Gorilla Glue
7 Mother Of Berries
8 Strawberry Romulan
9 Animal cookies
10 Great White Shark

What are your favorites?


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@MediKatie and I have sampled about 150 different strains since we got involved with illegal medical dispensaries here in Vancouver, in spring 2015. We kept a diary with our impression of each, and a photograph. I tend to prefer the flavour of what people call "sativas", like lemon, berries, diesel, etc. But I like the medical effect of indicas (with more CBD etc), so I prefer to make edibles out of indicas and ingest them, while vaping and dabbing the sativas.

Og kush strains are always a favorite of mine. And of course purple strains. Quite honestly I can’t realy say there is bad tasting strains. Maybe just poorly grown and cured buds are the ones with bad tastes

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