Hurricane Fred (2015)

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Hurricane Fred was the easternmost Atlantic hurricane to form in the tropics, and the first to move through Cape Verde since 1892. The second hurricane and sixth named storm of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season, Fred originated from a well-defined tropical wave over West Africa in late August 2015. Once offshore, the wave moved northwestward within a favorable tropospheric environment and strengthened into a tropical storm on August 30. The following day, Fred grew to a Category 1 hurricane with peak winds of 85 mph (140 km/h) as it approached Cape Verde. After passing Boa Vista and moving away from Santo Antão, it entered a phase of steady weakening, dropping below hurricane status by September 1. Fred then turned to the west-northwest region and was subjected to increasingly intense hostile wind shear. Despite many predictions that it would dissipate quickly, he still maintained the status of a tropical cyclone. By September 4th to 5th, it fluctuated between the smallest tropical storm and the intensity of the tropical depression, and then bends sharply northward. By September 6, Fred's circulation pattern had greatly diminished, and the storm had dissipated later that day.

Under the threat of a hurricane, Cape Verde has received a hurricane warning for the first time in the country’s history. Throughout August 31, strong winds blew the entire Barlavento area, cutting down trees and telephone poles. On the easternmost islands of Boa Vista and Sal, Fred flattened the roof and left the village where there was no electricity or telephone service for a few days. Approximately 70% of Povoação Velha’s houses suffered mild to moderate damage. On the northernmost island, heavy rain flooded houses, washed away roads, and destroyed farmland. São Nicolau (São Nicolau) suffered huge losses of crops and livestock. Cape Verde’s material losses totaled US$2.5 million, although the overall impact of rain on agriculture is positive and is recovering. The waves caused by the hurricane created fierce oceans on the West African coastline, destroyed fishing villages, and flooded residential areas in Senegal. Between West Africa and Cape Verde, a maritime incident related to Fred resulted in nine deaths.

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