Captain Marvel Spoiler Free Review, Important Movie for Marvel Fans


Captain Marvel is finally released Worldwide and Every marvel fans like me and you are so excited to watch this movie.

Captain Marvel is an origin story of marvel strongest Superhero who is Brie Larson. This movie comes with very little actions but so much story. This movie tells us everything about captain marvel origin and we will also know that from where she belongs to.

I am so much excited about this movie before it's Release but after when I saw this movie, I have to say that the directors were not able to do the best as every marvel fan expect from Marvel movies. This movie is just like Ant-Man and the story of this movie is not much hard to understand, it is so simple as many fans already took an idea about the story of this movie from the trailer of Captain Marvel movie.

In this movie, we saw how Captain Marvel comes from planet Kree and from where she belongs to earth or planet Kree? As rumors we heard that Ronin will be the villain of this movie so he comes for just a very little time, we can say he appears as a guest in this movie. The bad guys Skrulls are also very important in this movie because they are not like we think from the trailer of Captain Marvel movie. We will also see two post-credit scenes in this movie, first one is at the mid of the movie which will tell us how Captain Marvel comes on earth in Avengers: Endgame movie and the second is at the end of the movie which is not as much important but that scene connects us directly into the Marvel's "The Avengers" movie.

Sometimes you feel bored and something you get excited, Overalls it is a good movie and it is also very important if you have to understand how Captain Marvel will get into Avengers: Endgame movie. And also I have to say that if you want to watch this movie so wait for the tickets price to decrease because this is not just like compulsory to watch this movie on the first day, first show.

So, tell me how was this movie if you have already watched it and if not so tell me when you are going to watch Captain Marvel movie.

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