NextValium GUI for NextColony - What you see is what you get

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Here is a little picture, that illustrates the size of the galaxy map of the @nextcolony client, the client of @rafalski and the NextValium GUI. The NextValium GUI combines two full galaxy maps into one large map.

NextValium GUI V0.7.0

The Version 0.7.0 of the NextValium GUI is very stable and currently there are no new features in the queue. Maybe you have some ideas? Write in the comments.

What is the NextValium GUI:

  • A Java application for computers (e.g. Windows, Linux...)
  • Show the galaxy map of the whole NextColony universe
  • Show the ship traffic with the flight radar
  • Use it as a viewer without the need to log in
  • or start missions with the help of your private posting key(s)
  • Multi user support. No need to log in and out when changing between your different accounts
  • Spy at your neighbours
  • Show Yamatos
  • Check the alarm status every minute automatically
  • Quick jump button to your last found planet

Here are the sources on Github:
Downloadlink for the app:

Captain Kirk

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