1911 Ford Model T - Franschhoek Motor Museum

4년 전

1911 Ford Model T

Admittedly, this was definitely one of the highlights of the day - not only for my son, but for myself too! A real life "Tin Lizzie" - from one of my son’s favourite books 😉 And just look at the condition it is in - looks brand spanking new!! 😳😁

Model T re-styled for 1911. All lamps made from brass.

Steel body panels over a wood frame.

Multiple-disc clutch. Torque tube drive to rear axle.

Standard colour was dark blue.

South African right-hand drive models built in Canada.



Engine: 2 896 CC inline-4
Power: 15 KW @ n/a r/min
Transmission: 2-spd
Max speed: 45 km/h

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Equipment used:
Canon 6D
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

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Thank's, here's one beauty that didn't get cut up to make a street rod, this one will show generations to come how they were in 1911. A fine restoration, Thank You for sharing.

Its a stunning car! Must be worth quite abit!


Oh yes!! I'm sure it's with a bucket load of money 😳

What a beautiful car. They knew how to create real beauties in those days. Love the colour too.


They most certainly did!!!

Great car and info on the car - nice!!


Thanks @rynow!! I really wouldn't mind having one of these 😉

I think this one is my favorite so far..


Definitely one of my favourites 😁

Amazing to think that there are still cars like this around. I would give my eyeteeth for one of them. :)


Hehe - a lot of history still around if we go look for it hey 😉


You are so right!


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The model T transmission is a 2 speed planetary operated by foot pedals. The transmission has 3 drums and 3 bands. One for reverse, 1 for low, and the trans. brake. When you press either the clutch or reverse pedal a band clamps around it's drum which causes it to stop turning and forces the brake drum to rotate instead and the car takes off. The pedals must be depressed firmly to fully stop the low or reverse drum, or the band linings will quickly wear out and damage to the drums can happen.

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