The car will run without the driver

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Only a decade, imagine 20 November in 2028! Walking on the street, the car passed by the shawn on the side, but the driver did not. Private cars are reduced around. No traffic jam! A mother carries a car from her smartphone and drives her child into a vehicle without a driver. That car is taking the child to school automatically!

Until now, it may just seem to be a matter of imagination. But in reality the work of creating automobile-operated cars or Robo-taxi has started. When the business plan models are set up, the car will be seen on the street after a few days. There are ongoing experiments with unmanned vehicles. The future of the car has been highlighted in AFP and Reuters analysis. It has been said, how much the unmanned cars will be accepted in the future.

Technology analysts say the Robo-Taxi revolution is going to happen. The car maker started the competition to build all the big brand automatic electric cars, tracks. These cars will come in hand with some touch of smartphones.

Market researchers say that by 2025, the entire global car market will occupy 12 percent of the total electric cars. By 2030, it will reach 34 percent. Last month, Bank of America official Merrill Lynch gave a forecast about electric cars. He said 90 percent of the world's cars will be electrically by 2050.

Its purpose is clear. Smog has become a big problem in big cities around the world. China, especially in the fast-growing market, wants to bring down the environmentally friendly cars. Apart from this, traffic jams in different cities are being lost for hours. In many cities it is not allowed for cars. The car makers have also made new rivals. Large technology companies showed their interest in the car market. Apple, Google, Tesla have started to build auto cars. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Mask recently announced the construction of semi-trucks. His comment, this type of truck will depend on the software as well as the software and will dominate the market faster.

The car is not sitting in the car. France's PSA has made extensive investments in car sharing and other services. The company will work to offer freutumuv service in car sharing. German Democratic Authority started work on building automobile electric vehicles with Bose. They want to bring that car into the market by 2020. Besides, the company has introduced Carutu's car share service in 24 cities in the world.

A special section has been started by Volkswagen, Germany, which deals with a variety of issues such as electronic carriage and car rentals. The head of the company, Matthias Mueller, said that in future everyone will not have a car. We are trying through Moaier so that everyone can be our customer.


According to German consultant Ronald Berger, 40 percent of the automobile industry's total profit will come from robo-taxi or automobile cars by 2030. In that period, the demand for private or private cars will be reduced by 30 percent.

Automobile sector experts cautioned that the automakers could not cope with automobile systems, they could fail to survive.

Volkswagen has told about their plans, to invest in the automobile industry in the next five years, they invest $ 400 billion in hybrid and electric cars.

However, the major problem of the car makers is the 'zero emissions' or the lack of fully environmentally friendly cars. Renault Joe Ranch, which came to market in the market since 2012, has sold only one percent. Renault Chief Carlos Goshan said, by 2022, the sale of fully environmentally friendly cars will reach 5 percent.

Another big problem for car manufacturers is the cost of production. The next generation of electric cars will cost 20 percent more than the conventional models. As a result, the manufacturers will be facing big problems in terms of profit making. In September, PSA Chief Executive Carlos Towers told Germany's Frankfurt Auto Show that all car makers will have to move faster towards building electric cars.

But western car makers fear that they will be lagging behind Asian rivals in terms of building electric cars. Especially the Chinese car makers are moving ahead in building electric cars and batteries. Understanding the matter, the European Commission has to emphasize the need to build an electric battery.

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