Benefits of calculating the Carbon Footprint in your company

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Since last May 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment launched the official system at the national level that validates the efforts made by companies when calculating and reducing their emissions. Said system is materialized through registration in the Carbon Footprint Registry. But what is it and what does this measurement include? Refers to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions GHG that are released into the atmosphere as a consequence of the development of any activity (individual, organization, company, event or product. The Carbon Footprint is the basic reference point for the initiation of actions to reduce energy consumption and for the use of resources and materials with better environmental performance. To calculate the carbon of your company read carbon management.

There are two types of Carbon Footprint:

Carbon Footprint of an organization. Measures the totality of GHG emitted by direct or indirect effect from the development of the activity of said organization (any type of entity: private organization such as a self-employed person, a SME or a large company; a public entity, a city council, a ministry; non-profit organization, etc.).
Carbon Footprint of a product . It measures the GHG emitted during the entire life cycle of a product: from the extraction of raw materials, through processing and manufacturing and distribution, to the stage of use and end of the useful life (deposit, reuse or recycling).

More and more companies and public administrations are registered in the Carbon Footprint Registry.

  • Increase sales and contracting opportunities in countries and sectors that value this aspect. 50% of customers do not buy because of the price but because of the company's commitment to the environment. So you can attract new customers and retain existing ones.
  • Know the current situation of your company and reduce energy costs : what is not known, cannot be reduced. Economic savings can be achieved through greater efficiency. Many businesses have found simple ways to reduce energy use and save money.
  • Get extra points in public contracting contests and to apply deductions in accordance with the Corporation Tax Law . You will be able to have access to possible subsidies and you will obtain peace of mind in the face of possible legislative tightening.
  • Give prestige to the company: it will improve the positioning and reputation of the organization.
  • Improve the image of the organization and avoid accusations of "greenwash". There are numerous companies and organizations that use green advertising in a deceptive way. With this official certificate from the Ministry you will avoid falling into this type of recrimination.
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