Homebased vs. Office-based

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Working from home is trending nowadays, which allows people to communicate with their teams and supervisors beyond geographical boundaries.

Let's compare office-based to homebased work:



Homebased job lets you define your hours and get your job done at your most alert and energetic time regardless if it's morning or late at night; as long as you can deal with your task effectively and efficiently.

Office based

You are expected to deliver your best in those standard 8-10 working hours. This means you have no freedom to set your working schedule even if against your nature.



You can wear pajamas all day long; whatever makes you comfortable.

Office based

You are expected to dress according to your profession, business industry or location.

-Working Environment


There are a lot of distractions at home when you are trying to focus. There's t.v., easy access to bed, noises in the neighborhood. However, no one sees you, and no one judges you for your personality. This might be healthier, since you don’t have to mix your private life with it.

Office based

You have to deal with annoying workmates.


Sometimes, the salary of homebased and officebased are equal, but sometimes homebased have better rates. But, a remote worker has higher cost in terms of supplies and electricity usage as he/she needs to create a working space on its own.

Both have pros and cons but it really depends on your work style preference.

Which do you prefer?

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Leaders vs Followers:

It depends on the person. Many people are followers. Some people are leaders. But leaders sometimes spend too much time working for other employers. So, when you try to start up your own company, you probably have to start out small and at home.

Side Job

So, some people can try to work for other people and also try to start their own business as a hobby, on the side. And if they are successful, that side business thing may grow and grow.


And someday, they may even spend most of their time as their own boss. And they may even hire some people to work for them.

Home Based at an Office

And later on, their new home business may move to an office. Or your house may move to your office. Or you might sleep at work.

Office Work at Home

Or you might sometimes take your work to your home and do some of your work in an office at home.

Work at Home & at Work

Some people work at work and at home. They do both. But it can be hard if you cannot get away from your work.

Take a Break Haha

So, it can be unhealthy if you cannot take a break.


Some people are too lazy. And some people haha work too hard like me.


I have to always force myself to stop working haha. Stop. Go home haha. I talk to myself haha.


Thanks for the add ups, very well appreciated 😊