Carlsberg Beer Price

4년 전

Carlsberg brewage worth in Republic of India with bottle size and worth, Carlsberg makes one amongst the best beers in Republic of India, they're conjointly the manufacturers of Tuborg brewage.

Carlsberg brewage list
Carlsberg all malt premium brewage 330 milliliter worth rs. 80
Carlsberg all malt brewage 650 milliliter rs.135
Carlsberg all malt tin five hundred milliliter rs. 95

Elephant brewage worth in Republic of India
Carlsberg Elephant brewage 650 milliliter worth rs. 140
Carlsberg Elephant tin five hundred rs.110

Carlsberg brewage worth in metropolis
· 650 milliliter bottle worth Rs.140
· 330 milliliter brewage worth Rs.85

· five hundred milliliter brewage worth Rs.100

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