GuessThatCar contest - winner(s) announcement!

3년 전

As I promised, I will now announce the winners of my 1st contest ever! Sorry I'm late, guys, the new job is taking a lot of my time.

So, as I promised, the person with the most correct answers will receive 2 resteemed articles on my blog and the person with the 2nd best result will earn 1 resteemed article.

Now, drumroll...

The winner of GuessThatCar contest 2018/2019 isssss...


Weeeee, congratulations, man! You've earned it! You showed everybody that you're a true car enthusiast!

The 2nd place is reserved for the great


Amazing result, thank you very much for the participating!

You guys will get rewarded soon.

Now, as a final word, I would like to thank everybody else for participating and checking out my page.

I hope I will host a few more contests in the future and that they will be more successful than this one.

Enjoy your cars, enjoy your day and keep steeming!

Bye, everyone!

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Cheers mate thanks for the fun competition :)

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