I have been on steem about a month now this is my ride.

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I started steem about a month ago now and I have been looking for a few car blogs to watch here on steemit/dtube. I am noticing car video blogs seem to be missing here or I have not found them yet. I was wondering if someone had a few channels that they can point me to or even your own channel. I want to watch some videos here on steemit/dtube that I can support? Lets see them blogs posted and maybe we can get some bloggers some exposure on this post!ChallengerCat.jpg

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@procaptainjoe is restoring a 74 Charger and is blogging the progress! I am a car enthusiast as well, but my blogs are usually about health. I agree with this, we need more car blogs.


Followed! I will check it out thanks! I have a 71' charger also I will start working on hopefully in about a year. I know a person that blogs on youtube and I asked him to check it out over here. I hope he decides to come over. I don't like to nag people so I have not pushed it. I got the crypto is scary line so far though haha.


Oh gosh, we always get that, lol. I mean, its a risk, but you have to risk it to get somewhere!