Trying out Dtube

4년 전

Went for a quick drive today and decided to take a video to upload to Dtube and test it out. I have never edited a video before so it is not much. There seems to be allot to learn editing video! When I edited this video I spent most of the time trying to fix road noise. The road noise is much better now but it still needs a good bit more work! The suspension might be set to firm, there were decent bumps and the camera rattled a bit. I hope to improve with every video. Maybe I will make an appearance myself one day. I am not one that even likes to give a speech let alone in front of the world! Hope everyone has a great day and take care!

▶️ DTube
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I really should have used headset to edit. I listened to this again with a headset and its horrible. I am sorry for the crappy video! Lucky I hope i can only improve!