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Did you know that your car talks to you?🚘




Yes! by means of the different sounds, for this you need to identify how your car sounds normally

There are some more common symptoms that a car can show and which are indicators of a possible breakdown, but today we are going to focus only on one direction: the ear.

Follow the next steps:👍

The first thing is to know the sound of our car in normal conditions. Familiarizing ourselves with the vehicle and with a minimum of attention there will be no greater problem in detecting when there is something new within the usual noise. The best thing is that if we tune the ear we can detect faults before they become a go to the mechanic.
in what we hear something unusual we have to go answering a series of questions.
The first thing is if it has been something specific or is continuous (if it is with the engine cold, hot or if it is all the time), then we must locate the area from which it comes and finally, if possible, find out what piece is what causes it.

When in the morning I try to start the vehicle and it sounds like slow motion.

Most likely, we are running out of battery. It can happen if we have not changed it for a long time, if we have not used the car for a long time or if it starts to get cold. To solve it we can carry the battery in slow charge, and if it does not recover it will have to put a new one.



After starting, with the engine cold, you hear a continuous tiki-tiki-tiki that goes at the same pace as the engine.

If we check inside the hood and stop the ear, it is safest to hear that it comes from the upper area of the engine. The problem can be the valves and you have to take the car to adjust them.



With the engine on you hear a continuous screech coming from the front.

This is the most easily identifiable because of the irritating sound and usually comes from a belt that is worn and skid on the pulleys of the engine and there to change. Usually, if we follow the proper maintenance periods, modern belts do not have to sound but can always go through changes in temperature or humidity, if so, do not worry.



When I press the brake pedal I hear a crack or friction.
It is likely that the brake pads are worn out completely. When the pad is finished it begins to rub the iron with the brake disc. It's time to change the brake pads ..


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