First car

3년 전

I have always wondered if I shouldn't have bought a different first car.

Sometimes someone who is very passionate about cars and also very young buys with the heart. Sometimes a rust bucket or some other shady car which he barely makes it home with. You see it and you HAVE to have it.

Other guys buy the absolute cheapest car they can find, many times built so cheaply it just falls apart continually.
Other guys get intimidated at the prospect of the car ever breaking down on them. So they get a reliable but boring car which they over pay for.
Young guys even get a new car when they have their first job, maybe as a reward or because sometimes they are still living with the parents so that leaves sometimes a hefty disposable income.

Today I have heard from someone which just got his driver license (when I jokingly suggested a 911 GT3 RS) *No, I just want a box with wheels...

More and more I think today cars aren't important anymore for most of the kids. Having the latest flagship smartphone is more recognizable...

So if your kid comes to you and asks what car should I get? May just mean he really isn't into cars all that much. He should know already.
I have noticed that cars do break down lol.
Some more than others.
But people put up with more maintenance heavy cars maybe because the drive is so rewarding. Think these days are counted, so teach your kid to drive manual and help him how to maintain it properly. he can downgrade to a boring mobile later ;D

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