Time for the first stab at introducing myself... Rough, very very rough draft, will update I promise

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Hi fellow Steemians
I am just beginning to discover this wonderful world.
You can find anything here: great success stories, inspiring thoughts, results of someone's experience and craft which obviously took a lot of investment and trial and error.
It is virtually impossible not to earn something new which is useful and also could be applied right away and make your life better.
I think this platform has an insane potential. What were we doing before MapQuest and Google maps? The same as GM shows you the way to get there Steemit shows you practical solutions to many problems we have to do in our daily activities.
What were we doing before Wikipedia? Same thing applies.
This is the power of the Internet, not watching funny kitten movies on Youtube.

What are my interests...
I like Engineering in general, and also like to "sample" it. I learn with my hands. I have to have it in my hands to "get it".
I struggle with abstract stuff...
So I like bicycles motorcycles cars. I like to ride and drive them, I like to work on them. Understand how they are slapped together and why they decided to do it that way.
I like airplanes... This is harder to own and work on though lol
I like coffee... What I wont do for a nice cup of coffee...
All aspects of it. I would grow it if it would grow up here were I am. I would process it. I do roast grind and brew it...
I still don't fully get it how come this attracts me so much? Maybe because of the extraction process? When all is good ends into the cup and all what is bad remains behind... Maybe because for as good a fresh, perfectly roasted and extracted cup of coffee is, it could be also the opposite when u deal with stale coffee, basically just dirty water.
All my other interests are a common to every other guy:
sports guitars beer and fast food... nothing out of the ordinary here lol

Have a fantastic day fellow Steemians.
Hope to give back to the community even if it's a tiny fraction.

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