Mercedes W124 230CE funded by Steemit votes | Full detail, future plans VLOG and LMS ticket Giveaway info

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Here is our fabulous W124 Mercedes Benz 230CE bought with funds from our Steemit, all our lovely supporters made it possible for the team to pick up this Young Timer MB classic.

...and not just this car, it has also funded the purchase of another Mercedes Benz and a Canon Wide Angle Lens 10-18mm.

Thank you all,

Next week we will making a thank you video and giving you the chance to win tickets to the London Motor Show on Friday 18th May at the ExCel -

What you need to do

All you need to do is follow us on @planetauto steemit, and comment on the Giveaway post with the youtube Video, double your chances by subbing to our Youtube here:-

and commenting on the Giveaway video when we post it -


Last Christmas we gave away a detailing kit to a happy guy just outside Manchester, UK.

Back to our video this video outlines our first detail of the car the products we used and processes we used it includes a full clay bar and wax application, as well as other trims etc being restored.

If you've any questions on the detail, car, giveaway or anything else, please post below

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Antique Cool Power This is the rarest car in the world

dont forget to visit my blog, so I can stay in steemit

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hopefully in my country you could buy a car with the background of steemit hahahaha take good care of it, it is a great car, a car lord who must always be loved ....... !!


has and I follow you from now because I like everything about cars and mechanics


Thank you, yes with Steemit cars are possible :)