Porsche 70th Anniversary Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2018

2년 전

This year is the 70th Anniversary of the German automotive manufacturer Porsche, in 1948 the 356 was the first car road certified and sold.

Ferry Porsche ran the company, this was Ferdinand Porsche's son, Ferdinand who was inprisoned after World War 2, yet stood no trail and went back to making cars with his son.

The celebrations at Goodwood Festival of Speed, were as you would expect, extravagant.

The video shows a few classic 911s, a Singer model and a lot of classic and modern Porsche models sat then moving away from Goodwood House towards the hill climb.

Listen for the racing sounds in the background, and some rather famous liveries.

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Thank you for the resteem @warrkin 😎

Thanks for the video, I saw the Singer design stand, I love their 911's customisation. And the sound, nothing to say ! :-)


Lots more coming, reviews first then all the car show content. Singer are master automotiveers:) FOS, and the sounds you experience, awesome.