Redhead Roadtrip has launched

2년 전

Yesterday was the inauguration of Redhead Roadtrip:
Redhead Roadtrip_LOGO.jpg

Michelle - - and Annabelle - @evequirk - headed over to Silverstone, and met up with Ben, Michael and Trevor from Planet Auto, as they have a Tesla Model S P100D to review:

It was a fantastic day, with Michelle on her first outing in a Ginetta race car, and she looked awesome!
Redhead Racer.jpg

Keep checking in to see the latest updates on our adventures. We have lots of invitations - next up is Maserati. Our aim is to get out and about in the Mustang (as well as other cars) and to make a roadtrip out of it.

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Well I have to say, I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST!

I loved every minute, from the drive down to the collapse and snooze on the way home (I didn't drive back, you'll be pleased to hear).

The day after, I had physio which utterly wiped me out!

Still aching and smiling... Bring on the next challenge!

I hope you guys have fun. These are really nice cars and good photos also. @redheadroadtrip

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