400 WHP Nissan Stagea 260RS | The Skyline R34 GTR’s Alter Ego

2년 전

Hey guys! This Nissan Stagea 260RS Autech Version has got to be one of the most badass wagons ever created. With a full Skyline R34 GTR front end conversion, a single turbo RB26 under the hood, and almost 500HP at the crank, this JDM freight train is just about as exotic as the 90s can get in my books. We've had Nav's car on the show before in near stock form, and after over a year of modifications it's a completely different beast, almost unrecognizable.


This is just straight RAW driving of the Nissan Stagea with a POV shot!!


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Looks just like the mechanical stig's stagea even the wheels. No v8 but still looks the same.


waiting for a GTA V update with this rocket

One day i will own a skyline.

shoot..... 500hp..... nice car dude

Perfect car for me to do my grocery shopping in!


lol... Grocery for whom?


Hungry people cause with that fucker you'l be FAST & FUCKING FURIOUS.

Thank you everyone for the votes, I greatly appreciate it!!

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Coolest Stagea Build I have seen to date :-P

wow!! this car really beautiful


It is sure unique, I have never been in a car with a swapped front end like this before.

its a beautiful car ,it must b a dream car of everyone,thanks for this video


Thank you for the support, I really appreciate the Upvote!!

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Will do

The monster indeed! Great post and quite informative!

Following you.

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Thank you everyone for all the support and votes!!
I am thrilled that you all enjoyed this video as much as we did. I can't thank you enough for making this our most popular post on Steemit.

Nice but Nissan can improve on the shape

  ·  2년 전

very expensive hobby .....he got the money. i'm also new to steemit appreciate visit me and upvote. thanks

Now how much is this car?


I am not entirely sure how much he spent on the modification

  ·  2년 전

Must be a fortune


I don't think it was crazy expensive for what it was, as connecting the new front was a lot easier than what you would think


@nkkb Welcome to the Steemit Family.

  ·  2년 전

good quality,love it 👌🏽

Wow!! Good car!! You are lucky guy.

the car looks perfect. Can I buy it? :)


Haha I don't think the owner is selling it, but I guess everyone has a price :-P

One of the best model of Nissan

  ·  2년 전

Great video guys! Maybe a little biased having an R34 in the fleet but the stagea is an awesome car with the added looks and in this case power of the GTR and some

Loving the content of your videos, very good camera work and music choice. You've got yourself a follower!

Nice car.almost looks like mine

awesome bro !!!!! i really like it.

Bu harika birşey

nissan stega is such a fantastic car ever..

Beautiful Wagon as well as powerful too. Great video once again. :)


Thank you!


You are welcome.

Good morning. A nice car ride

This car is a beast. But i prefer nissan skyline baby !

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For when your kids are late to soccer practice xD What a beast!

What a nice car. Thanks for posting it for the steemit family. I follow and upvote you. Do same for me.

Woww. Nice cars and post :D

I love it. will accumulate money to buy 1. Thanks buddy

It would be nice to travel between countries

What a weapon! Love the Stagea, a Skyline estate car, utterly bonkers!

정말 멋진 자동차군요 와우~~~

Nice car bro

That is some power ! There is a lot of effort in this car ! And that turbo sound ...

That is a cool car

beautifulllll...... great sharing.. i like it..


Thanks for watching

When was it released?

and,, Thank you everyone for the votes, I greatly appreciate it!!

& very nice car!!!

dang sweet ride.

When are they comming out with the self driving version so I can take a nap in the back?

cool that his car. promotion Yes hehehe

I enjoyed the post and video!
I bet this is a gas guzzler!
What is the MPG for this station wagon?

muy buen


mucho gracias!!



hello replay me

nice car dude

I have e36 :D

How much rice does it burn? J/K, cool car.

What a beauty.

nice car, hope you have a day to go.

I am wondered great wagon want someone to gift me

This is a cool ride. High technical machine. The unique accessories in and outside are awesome. But could it be affordable? Nice post. I upvote you.

My favorite all rounder car, it does everything :)