Turbocharged HKS Subaru BRZ vs. JDM Toyota MR2 GT-S Turbo | Budget Boost Battle!


Ever wonder if there was a much less expensive substitute for an HKS turbocharged Subaru BRZ?! Like half the price?! Well there is, it's the second generation (SW20) Toyota MR2 Turbo. This particular example is a 1994 GT-S, imported from Japan to Vancouver, BC and driven 2000km down to California for this comparison! With both cars making the same amount of power at the rear wheels, both weighing in at around 2,800 lbs, and both powered by 2.0L engines, it seemed like an obvious comparison to make. Retro vs. modern! ENJOY.

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  ·  작년

great video!!! really enjoyed watching it...hydraulic steering, manual gearbox and handbrake for a sport car are must have!!


I am glad you enjoyed it! If you are able to please resteem this post.

Thanks for watching