A 1965 Ford GT40 Recreation.

4년 전

I took these photos at the Gosford Classic Car Museum in Sydney, Australia. The museum has over 450 cars with a combined value of over $70 million under one roof.


This is a 1965 Ford GT40 Recreation of the famous LeMans winner, it has a 4.7 lt V8 which produces 306 bhp or 225 kW of power.




I hope you like my post and thanks for the visit.

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What a bloody beast of a car, cool car man. :o)


It sure is a beast, they are a very fast car, cheers mate.

That's a crazy looking car, it even looks fast, lol.


They are a very fast car lyrica, cheers.

Very nice.


Thanks mate, cheers.

As much as I like crypto articles, I always love it when a car post pops into my feed.

I've seen a few GT40s (replicas) here in Norway, but it wasn't until I saw the last picture in your post that I realized just how wide those rear fenders actually look.


They are a awesome looking car, that's for sure and I glad you enjoyed it thanks, cheers mate.

Maybe the highest automobile monument. Nice to see this rare and unique car.


Thank you, they are a very special car my friend, cheers.

This car has an interesting history.


They were a very successful racing car in their day, cheers.


Thank you, they are pretty cool looking car, cheers.

Very nice car.... wish you all the best...thanks for sharing...@silverbug (63)


Thanks for that and all the best to you too, cheers.

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IMG_3072.JPGWow nice car.I like your photography.Thanks for sharing.Upvote and resteem done.IMG_3437.GIFThis is for you.


Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you like my car photos, cheers mate.