How about a Couple of Old Bentley's, a 1937 and a 1951.

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I took these photos at the Gosford Classic Car Museum in Sydney, Australia. The museum has over 450 cars with a combined value of over $70 million under one roof.

The first car is a 1937 Bentley Derby, it has a 4257 cc 6 cylinder engine which produced 94 kW and had a top speed of 147 kph.







The second car is a 1951 Bentley Mk VI Light weight, it has a 4.6 lt inline 6 cylinder engine and a aluminium body.





I hope you like my post and thanks for the visit.

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What a pair of old beasts, thanks for sharing. :o)


They are great aren't they, thanks my friend, cheers.

What a lovely pair of old cars, love them.


They are indeed, I think they look fantastic, cheers.

Upvoted and resteemed. Those are a set of great cars.


They are petty cool, that's for sure, cheers.

Oh man, those Bentleys are good looking.


I think so too, it would be good to take them for a drive, cheers.

I love those suicide doors on the 37


Yeah it would be a challenge getting out of this beast in the middle of peak hour traffic, Lol, cheers mate.

Amazing cars great photograph thanks for sharing great post


You are welcome my friend, thanks for stopping by, cheers.

Your post is very interesting and useful!
Hopefully the next post more interesting.

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waoowwww !! these are antique and unique pieces <3 you made my day man !! thanks for sharing i appreciate you <3 keep in touch


Awesome, I glad you enjoyed my post, thanks for visiting, cheers mate.

The 1937 Bentley is very interesting.


It a nice looking automobile, cheers.

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Very nice. You should add the vehiclephotography tag to enter @juliank's weekly vehicle photography contest.


Cool I will check it out, thanks for that, cheers mate.