The 1970 Cadillac De ville.

3년 전

I took these photos at the Gosford Classic Car Museum in Sydney, Australia. The museum has over 450 cars with a combined value of over $70 million under one roof.


This is the 1970 Cadillac De ville, it has a 472 cu in or 7.7 lt, 90 degree V8 engine which can produce 375 bhp or 280 kW of power.








I hope you like my post and thanks for the visit.

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What a awesome looking car, it would be great to drive one of cars. :o)


I would like to go for a cruise around the block in this beast, cheers.

What a cool looking convertible, It would come with a massive gas bill.


It most assuredly would, thanks my good friend, cheers.

That's a nice muscle car.


Glad you like it buddy, cheers.

You can fit a swimming pool in that trunk 😀


I reckon, you could have a pool party, Lol cheers.

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if i may ask will the vehicles be as new as that in the next 30 years
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I guess it depends on who owns it, but most likely it will, cheers.