The 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car.

3년 전

I took these photos at the Gosford Classic Car Museum in Sydney, Australia. The museum has over 450 cars with a combined value of over $70 million under one roof.


This is the 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car, it has a 400 cu in or 6.6 Lt Cleveland V8 which produces 166 hp or 124 kW.







I hope you like my post and thanks for the visit.

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I always think of the Mafia when I see these old American cars. :o)


Ha Ha that is so true, lol, cheers mate.

Wow, now that is one massive car, would be fun parking that one.


They are a pretty big car that's for sure, cheers.

Nice big engine compartment that is. Upvote and resteem.


It sure is mate, it's has a big engine but the output is pretty sad at 166 hp though, cheers mate.

Another nice muscle car.


Don't know if I would class them as a muscle car, but they are pretty cool, cheers mate.

I always loved that one in the old TV series like Kojak and so on. That was the typical gangster boss's car then.
Well lets see what direction the Steem course takes - may be then I'll pay the 50k out of the coffee fund... :)


These classic American cars are so over the top and lack practicality, but they are really cool and fun to drive I bet, Cheers mate.

Nice post.
i just upvoted you.
be with you always @silverbug


Thanks for that, I'm glad you like my post, cheers friend.

Nice post
I like classic cars on your post


Thank you, I like classic car too my friend, cheers.

I drove one in High school.


You Could of taken the whole class with you? Lol, cheers.