Two 1973 Ferrari 365's.

3년 전

I took these photos at the Gosford Classic Car Museum in Sydney, Australia. The museum has over 450 cars with a combined value of over $70 million under one roof.


This is the 1973 V12 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2, it has a V12 engine that produces 340 bhp or 250 kW.






This is the 1973 Ferrari 365 BB and has a flat 12 engine that produced 380 hp or 283 kW.





I hope you like my post and thanks for the visit.

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Don't think much of the white one, doesn't even look like a Ferrari.


Come on lyrica it's not that bad, Lol. cheers.

Ferrari's are a awesome car, I could look at them all day, thanks for sharing. :o)


They sure are, I think they are awesome cars too, cheers.

Nice cars, can't decide which one I want.


Why not both when steem goes to $50, Lol, cheers mate.

Upvoted and resteemed. Great pics silverbug!

Loving the vintage Ferrari!


They still look just as slick as the modern car do in my opinion, cheers mate.

Ferrari or not, that 4 seater looks really terrible.


But you can't say it's not different! cheers mate.

Ferarri 400-Series, one of the most beautiful ugly cars :)
Just kidding, that thing has incredible proportions


I think they look pretty stylish for a car made in 1973, thanks for the visit, cheers mate.

Wow! You mean V12 engine?... That's machine, this can run anything


Not according to Wikipedia it has a flat 12 engine, thanks for the visit, cheers mate.

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So much seventies, great cars... thanks for sharing this pics.


Your welcome, I think these vintage ferrari's still look pretty cool too, thanks for the visit, cheers friend.

Old busted hotness! I love old cars! There's something in their design that never gets old.


They are some nice vintage vehicles that's for sure, cheers.