Holding Cash Shouldn't Make You A Criminal

3개월 전

Some of us have never had the opportunity to drive around with thousands of dollars on us at one time, or tens of thousands of dollars.
But there are some who have.

The individual who is traveling overseas to get started on opening up a dream business. Or someone who is coming from the casino who just hit the jackpot. An individual might have just made a sale to someone for a large item and are heading home with the cash on them. There are thousands of reasons why someone could have a great sum of cash on them and they shouldn't have to explain themselves to anyone if they haven't done anything wrong. Simply having the money itself isn't a crime.

Still, thousands of people are stolen from across the United States in a practice called civil asset forfeiture. This has meant that some have had their life savings taken away, and dreams crashed, by agents working under arguably corrupt and unconstitutional legislation that has victimized too many for too long in the United States.

Many of those who have fought back have been successful.

They were successful in getting their things back because it turns out that the state had no right to take it in the first place. According to the constitution, they cannot steal your property from you when you've done nothing wrong; you're innocent until proven guilty.
But under civil asset forfeiture things don't work that way, and the property is taken until you can prove your innocence and most people cannot endure that fight against the government.

There are few working behind the scenes today to help those who have been victimized under this corrupt legislation and it is because of their efforts that the wrongdoings can to some extent try to be set right, victims given back what is rightfully theirs.

Altogether these agencies in the country have confiscated billions of dollars in assets from the public and this legislation is a direct attack on the natural rights and individual liberties of all, because it can impact anyone even if they haven't done anything to deserve the incident in the first place.

The more that people can become educated on the theft that has been ongoing, and learn about the confiscation of the money that has contributed to no significant impact on addressing the war on drugs, the quicker they can move to put pressure on changing things as they are. But it isn't going to come quick. More victims will come in the meantime, arguably being robbed on highways across the country by agents of the state. Many of those victims will never have been charged and convicted of any wrongdoing in the process as reason for that theft.


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