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Waoh... It's like it was never gonna happen but believe me it happened and this is the smile you get when it happens 🙌🙌
I'm really grateful to God almighty for steemit. I was really in need of money to settle a lot of things and also help some friends who needed financial help and then I got my first pay out😁😁😁 since I used my very first sbd to contribute for uyo steemit hub.
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At this point I can't thank @nexrules enough for introducing me to this great platform. I can't also fail to thank @surpassinggoogle for the amazing adjustments contest which contributed immensely to my big smile after my first pay out. To my big bosses @ejemai, @samstickkz, @tojukaka, thank you very much for spreading the good news of steemit.
I am also using this opportunity to shout out to all of my friends and others who are still in doubt of steemit, why sit and fold your arms when you can put ink in your paper and bring the best out of it and also have a share of ***come for the money and stay for the community ***.
I hope this encourages someone who is already giving up on steemit, press on for we are all getting there. ✌

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I'm glad that you're overjoyed.


Yeah of course i am. Thank you very much

Wow. Let me start warming up o. Lol.


Lol, yes oo you really need to. Steemit is the way forward so spread the word



Thanks dear

This is just the beginning, Congratulations dear


Thank you... I look forward to more of it😁😁😁

Wow I can't wait @gnomicrules


We are all getting there dear

Weldone o, more is coming


Amen ooooo, thank you so much

Congratulations on your first cashout..
As customary, your hustle will now increase cos the cashout has made you believe the steemit blockchain more


Exactly, but all the same i really believe in it and wish all my friends would believe and start steeming. Thanks so much @ungest

It's inspiring to see success! Steemit rewards you for doing what you love! Together we're going places! Together we're an enormous energy!


Yes, with steemit we're going places. Thank you very much

How thrilling! Congratulations, and I wish you much more success on Steemit! 😊



Thank you so much. I really appreciate

Biko nu o
I can't wait
Congratulations love


Thanks dear, we are all getting there

Congrats dear......keep flourishing


Thank you so much, i really appreciate

More money