Mathematics contributes to the formation of values in children,

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Mathematics is fundamental for the intellectual development of children, it helps them to be logical, to reason in an orderly manner and to have a mind prepared for thought, criticism and abstraction.

Mathematics shapes attitudes and values ​​in students because they guarantee a sound foundation, safety procedures and confidence in the results obtained. All this creates in the children a conscious and favorable disposition to undertake actions that lead to the solution of the problems they face every day.


In turn, mathematics contributes to the formation of values ​​in children, determining their attitudes and behavior. They serve as patterns to guide their lives, a style of facing logical and coherent reality, the search for accuracy in results, a clear understanding and expression through the use of symbols, the capacity for abstraction, reasoning and generalization and the perception of creativity as a value. Values ​​such as
Eagerness to know, acquire knowledge, study, habits and techniques of intellectual work to use information, critical sense of the true, ability to make decisions: prudence, prediction, initiative, security, self-confidence, respect to beliefs and ideas of the others, collaboration, solidarity, honesty, honesty, industriousness, optimism.
However, in school the subject of mathematics is often, by far, the most hated. And because? It seems that we are realizing that mathematics has been taught badly for years. It is necessary that a positive idea of ​​mathematics be transmitted from the school, and for that we must change the way in which they are presented to the students.

Success in life begins with success in mathematics.

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