Baby Sitting a Cute Blue Eyed Cat

4개월 전

Going to be posting a bit more, was slacking off the last few months... stuff might be a little random as I get back in my groove of posting things, today I'm sharing some pics I took of a pretty blue-eyed Birman cat, it's not my cat I'm just babysitting it for a friend for a few days, but took the liberty to photograph it in my studio with my Canon 5D.
It's a female and its called LiLu, as far as I can tell it doesn't know its name 😂

birman cat with pretty blue eyes colorful background white and grey fur portrait.jpg

close up blue eyes cat macro photography.jpg

beautiful white biege cat with grey face and blue eyes.jpg

birman cat in its sleeping mat.jpg

btw if you like my photography you can buy some of it on shutter stock here, or just follow me on steemit @makesushi

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