Titan - a cute Maine Coon of my brother - updated photos

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in cat

Titan5016 (2).jpg

It’s time to update photos of Titan again. He is now 9 months old. He grows so fast.

Although he is very big, he still looks like a kid; playful, naughty, and energetic.

Playing with him can create a happy and wonderful moment for me. He can make me laugh a lot and smile widely.

His bright big eyes can melt my heart.

titan5024 (2).jpg

titan5041 (2).jpg

titan5042 (2).jpg

titan5049 (2).jpg

Titan5001 (2).jpg

He can help reduce my feelings of depression, anxiety, or a feeling of pressure sometimes.

He always greets me with purrs and shin rubs whenever I open the door.

For Titan, I think he also has a lot of fun while jumping and running around to chase the toy in my hand. He’s very fast and so clever.


Titan5012 (2).jpg

I’m glad that we have him in our house. He is not only a cute cat, but he is also my best friend....

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She is so cute and love whe eyes.


Thanks so much! I love his eyes, too. ;)

แมวดูสวยสง่ามากครับ ผมว่าหน้าเขาดุจัง


ใช่ค่ะ หน้าเขาจะดูคล้ายเสือ ดุๆ หน่อย แต่น่ารัก ขี้อ้อนมากค่ะ

As it has grown since the last time, cats are very playful, although it will depend a lot on how they are treated.


Yeah! You are right! He is very playful and naughty. He is my best friend. Thanks a lot! ;)

It is observed that he is well cared for, his hair and his vivid look prove it. Thanks for sharing these photos.


His hair and his vivid look are my favorites, too. Thanks a lot! ;)