The most interesting cat in the world

3년 전

I don't always want food, but when I do, it's 5am.


My cat is looking very proud in his little bed.

Do your pets have a favorite spot to sleep?

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This cat is awesome :D
He also has a book about BACON! :D

That's really nice

Elrond Huston Aka ehuston

Just upvoted👍


Wow! This is an amazing picture :o

Boxes. Don't know what it is about boxes. I made my cat a cardboard tower that legit stretches from the floor up to the ceiling. Made it so strong I can stand on it too if i wanted. I keep adding more to it every now and then. It is getting huge. It is a cat castle. lol. Should take a pic one of these days.


Definitely pos


Well it is just cardboard boxes. Not exactly the next Taj Mahal, but the cat enjoys it. lol.

Early in the morning when she is all spunky, she runs the labyrinth from bottom to top and then sniffs the roof all crazy like and then runs back down, across the couch and flies to the top of the bookshelf on the other side of the room. Then repeats until morning energy is depleted. lol